Comforting Systems

Terminal revolutions abound
Worlds collide to become fragile
And sunlit dew drips from the morning blossom
But cherries do not spring from them
Amidst shedding fern
The weather seems hardly reconcilable
And voting booths seem hardly worth the effort
Still, I velcro up my shoes
For shoelaces I’ve always found confusing.
And my hypocrisy
Is not to be confused with as noble as its brethren oath
For I ballot for that
Which we already slowly euthanize.


The Trouble with Dreams

The trouble with dreams

Is what we fear most
Is to fathom failure
To strive, invest, overcome
To only falter in futility
To witness your wishes
Shatter to glass
Then when reassembling
Revert to sand
And when a dream is had
And a plan is laid
It sticks like honey
To eager fingertips;
To drip slowly
Before gravity succeeds
Where you have failed
Though what we fear most
Is not as I precede
That we can actually acheive:

That is the trouble with dreams.

So Should You

This poem is dedicated to Gord Kelly.

The sun was out, and my shoes were on
And I took a walk to the outside
A place lesser seen in busy times
A packed lunch was delivered
As was kindness in random act form
As I was so instructed to commit to.
And through my lackadaisical manner
A shortcut was reached
And through no intent of my own
My feet were carried
And how a set of swings
Remained empty on such a day
Is not a question to be asked
But a moment to be seized
And as my headphones blared
Grooving me with bass-lines
And perpetuating the mantra:
“Give me my wings”
I soared higher
and Higher
Until my eyes were closed
and my heart was full
I became a pendulum that moment
Until I slowed to a leap
And carried on home
Past children yelling
And cars tumbling
Like a memory
From not too long ago
About a great man
Who’s life was like this everyday
That it is not what you have
But what you do
And so he did.
And so I did.
And so should you.