Everything that has a beginning…

…has an end. But, hopefully not for some time, as this is my first post. Until then, I have lit this tiny signal fire in a sea of signal fires, and for those who make out its glow amidst the rest, hopefully you will light yours as well.

Well if you are here and reading this, you probably follow my poetry and ramblings on Facecrack, I thought it might be a good idea to consolidate my ideas to a blog and join the 21st century. It seems this is what all the cool kids are doing these days (yes Bruce that includes, you fellow blogger!).

Here you can find an archive of all my current poems. Feel free to comment here or on facebook or in your own head, I have no preference. Though I will say that all my poetic work will be both here and on facebook, I can’t say the same for whatever random blogging I decide to do. Although lordy it would be ideal if facebook just had a good blogging system. You think they would’ve figured that one out by now.

More to follow. Stay tuned.


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