So Should You

This poem is dedicated to Gord Kelly.

The sun was out, and my shoes were on
And I took a walk to the outside
A place lesser seen in busy times
A packed lunch was delivered
As was kindness in random act form
As I was so instructed to commit to.
And through my lackadaisical manner
A shortcut was reached
And through no intent of my own
My feet were carried
And how a set of swings
Remained empty on such a day
Is not a question to be asked
But a moment to be seized
And as my headphones blared
Grooving me with bass-lines
And perpetuating the mantra:
“Give me my wings”
I soared higher
and Higher
Until my eyes were closed
and my heart was full
I became a pendulum that moment
Until I slowed to a leap
And carried on home
Past children yelling
And cars tumbling
Like a memory
From not too long ago
About a great man
Who’s life was like this everyday
That it is not what you have
But what you do
And so he did.
And so I did.
And so should you.


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