It’s finally done!

Hello facecrack users and the like,

I have been in the process of consolidating all my poetry to this blog(, as I hear it is all the haps this year to do so.

I will no longer be posting straight to Facebook through notes, rather, when I post something on the blog it will automatically appear on facebook and then I will tag all you lovely and handsome followers.

That said, if you would not like me to tag you, let me know, or if you would like to be tagged and are following my blog please let me know and I will tag you! Generally I only tag people if they have commented (then your all your soul is belong to my blog).

Alright, this shouldn’t really affect anyone really, except that if you comment now you have more than one place to do it, via facebook or the blog, except I am not sure if doing one affects the other or if they are kept separate, but whatever it doesn’t matter, go nuts!



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