Signal Fires

Upon further thought
i have concluded,,
All of that which
once eluded;
i confess not to
have seen one myself.
At least not in
Such human form,
BUT i feel that All
must somewhere start.
And further, i suspect
that once begun
others will follow
in Torch and Blaze
Forgive me! i have
gotten ahead again
ahead of hypothesis
But pardon my haste,
Time is wasting!
And is of essence!
Essential even to
continued Exultance!
That Joy i felt ever
so briefly now fleets
But commands the
Flame of us All
be lit by so Few
So in my eyes, mind
you my mind’s eye,
it came to me!
And that’s why i
began the burning?
No, no, something…
A Step has been
misplaced. Not lost!
Not forgotten, it hangs
on my medulla
The simple Truth
of i light MiNE
YOU light yours!
Of course! Further
tests would only
indicate correctness,
a luxury that Time
will not afford.
And the match
is dropped and i
see them now!

It is set
in motion.

They raze the
heavenside, and
what glory to
see one’s Purpose
fulfilled. i tear at the
wash of Orange and
Blues and feel Truth
again if only
for a hiccup.
Like halley’s Comet
Signatory amongst
celestial bodies,
we Few light our
our Fires too
far between
too few awakened
in a gasp of
stubborn orbit
only to doubt
and forget in it’s
prolonged absence
So we MUST All
light to feel the
Warmth flush our
faces, for i am
certain of my
own wavering
and we must
signal one
and others
as I fear it is
already begun.


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