Temporary Tatoos

I’m having a seat
My head is pounding
The cougar is blaring
Fades into that old Brown Eyed Girl
Mine eyes are locked
As a white dress twirls
Chasing her, as she whirls
But Today
Like Yesterday
And I suppose Tomorrow as well
Which now that I check the clock
Has become Today again
Anyway, Today
I am just the man behind the table
Behind them both
Behind the glass
Which I can only gaze through
And realization inches closer
That the joy I am providing
Is something I don’t share.
And the dress is now black
But the twirling is the same
The colours have only been exchanged
Maybe the girl too, but I don’t care to notice
And my hands are soaked with ink
That will soon become art
But no amount of will
Will unskip my heart
So I stare through the glass
As the opacity dials back
To dresses of white and black.


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