The Olympics? Pfft.

I do not agree with the 2010 Olympics.
There, I said it.

I think it is a gigantic waste of time, money, and sanity.
I would like to state that I think that athletes deserve their chance to fulfill a lifelong dream after years of hard work and sacrifice.
But when it comes down to it, the olympics are a multibillion dollar 2 week party. That’s it.

You already know that all our tax dollars are getting spent on olympic venues and villages and roads, etc. But did you know that we are also paying for MLA’s to fly down here and stay at expensive hotels to watch the games?
That’s right. Most of us can’t even afford a ticket to these games, and meanwhile we are PAYING for these bureaucrats to party.
God bless democracy.
Don’t even get me started about all the traffic that is going to happen during the olympics. Good luck walking, driving, or taking transit anywhere.
Work downtown? Well better leave a day early for work.

I offer a simple solution. And no, it is not to take the olympic torch and burn said olympics with it (although, that I would pay money to see).
I say this (although a friend did say this idea originally and I cannot take credit for it):

Why do the olympics need to move cities every time?
Why can’t they just be at one place?
How about Athens, you know, a city in the country where the olympics originated.
“But sir, what about all the tourism that is lost to other nations?”
Ok whiney, how about this then. Have it move every time. But pick 4 venues or so, and have those cities rotate their turns to host the olympics, for a decade or two. Then, in the meantime, choose a new 4 cities to host the Olympics, if you must, and have those host them for a decade or two. Then those new cities can take their time to build what they need to and figure things out, instead of the whole popularity contest that is the decision making process we currently use.
At least that puts some accountability on maintaining and sustaining all the crap that is being built. I’d like to take a look at Vancouver 5-10 years from now and see how obsolete most of this olympic fueled construction has become.

So there world, I said it, you read it, you can’t unread it.
So when the olympics come in twoish weeks, I will be locking myself in my room avoiding contact with the outside world until a semblance of sanity resumes (in either myself or this city, but most likely me).

And seriously what the heck is up with those mascots? Sumi? Quatchi?! Miga?! They sound like pokemon, or teletubbies, but not the original 151 pokemon, and not the straight teletubbies.


How to catch an iPhone thief: Busting an iPhone thief

How to catch an iPhone thief: Busting an iPhone thief.

This is just sheer awesome and makes me happy.


I’m closing my eyes when told to imagine
Beaches lining a moody sea
Waves cresting and breaking against it
Large rock formations, they jut out
And a lone gull stands steadfast
While the sun tries to slip away
And a shadow is then cast
Upon footprints in the sand
Leading to where few will follow
A melody can be heard when careful
When your listening is prime
And the salt from the sea
Is sprayed and tasted on tongue
Feeling wet with bewilderment
Everything seems right, for now.