Well it’s another year and as I approach a quarter of a century spent on this planet, I can’t help but begin to wonder certain things. With another revolution around our middle aged star, the masses tend to make their goals and resolutions and vow towards changes that few will keep and many will break. Belonging to the latter category I am not one to talk. But it begs the question is it better to feign willingness to change than to not change at all? Or better to admit to make no resolve for this “new year”? I have no answers really only questions.
I don’t know about you (yes you, sitting there, reading this, you!), but this year has been a roller coaster for me and many others. It has had the best moments of my life and the worst all squished into one short measure of a year.
In retrospect I tend to remember mostly the crap though, and am more than glad to put 2009 behind me.
So where does that put us hrmm?
Well a wise young lady recently told me that maybe I had a balanced year. Extreme highs only to be equaled by extreme lows. It’s a good perspective to have on this past year, I think.
And so we all continue to make our resolutions and I am feeling that maybe I am glad not to change, or at the least feign willingness. Realizing that feeling extreme joy and to feel the approach of cosmic perfection on my fingertips can only be equated by the slipping of it from those fingertips was very key. In short being one’ self means knowing both the highs and lows, the dark and light, the good and bad of yourself. So why want to change that? For the new year, rather than vowing to change the bad, I’d rather simply accept them and know that they will come and go, as much as the good will.
Also, my resolution is to be a recluse though, so I’m just really a hypocrite at a keyboard.
Happy New Year.


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