Tales from the Tavern

We all enter, in our own fashion
men slip up, and tell their tales
people coming, people going
“You have traveled far,
but have walked little.”

The jukebox plays
a 50’s tune or two and fades
The barstools crack
“You have heard much.
But listened not.”

Our boasting is evil
in hearts of attention
purely to be the center of it
“You…talking too much
and saying nothing.”

But we’re all well versed
and know what the next
ought to and should do
“You’ve learned a great deal,
yet, you do not know.”

And we slink away
linked in arms with another
for another evening’s thrust
“You touch and touch
feeling not a thing.”

And the lights turn dim
On the jukebox and house
And the drowning has stopped.
The man who sees it
says nothing at all.


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