Poetry Improv Slam!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to Gallagher’s in Newport tonight to support Table23 and celebrate National Poetry Month.
The night was a very unique cultural experience and I hope to be able to continue the tradition and explore it further next year, as well as keep poetry alive in whatever way I can between now and then.
I’d like to also personally thank everyone who shared a poem (both of you) and also to thank Table23, Jared Pielak, and Connor Chambers for their help in the event. The improv was hilarious and it was very unique to watch. Also a thank you to Jef Ferguson for helping me brainstorm and sorting out some of my insanity as it unfolded in trying to organize something for this month. While I am mentioning Jef’s I will also mention Jef Penner who unfortunately is injured and couldn’t make it but I appreciate your help as well!

2 thoughts on “Poetry Improv Slam!

  1. It was awesome Saran, thanks for inviting me and organizing it. It was a fun thing to attend, especially in the middle of the week.

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