I’ve lost my keys!
Again, not again.
I’ve searched everywhere from
cupboard to cabinet to chesterfield
I remember I had soup today
Did It drop in the soup?
Or did I lose it in the trash?
Now I am elbows deep in alphagetti and
banana peels and napkins and rot
I remember people chanting at me
“You are not a good man”
As I search for these confounded keys
I think it not to be the case
I think I am a good man, but that people
fear what I may open when I find my keys
I give up for a cycle
Keys will be keys right?
I put on my best tie and
head out into the world, forgetting
my problems with soup and trash
I look on the pavement and see a shimmer
I glint at the glisten of a glorious set of keys
I must have dropped them here!
I go to reach to them and a man stumbles by
Mumbles by too, something about them being
his keys, and thank heavens he found them!
I remember, you know what, I don’t even have any locks.
What do I need keys for anyways?
I’ve got nothing for the bowl.


3 thoughts on “Unavailable

  1. I will place your link in,
    let me know after you are done,

    #1: return favors

    #2: comment for 18 poets that are new to you.

    thank you.

    awards will be given after you complete your due.

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