I left it there for you
Or maybe I dropped it
It fell, okay?
Whatever, in any case, there it is.
I know you saw it.
Maybe you did anyway.
Did you absorb it, and then what?
Did you let it fester?
Did you decide not to bother?
Did you figure silence says the most?
Most likely you did none of these things.
Most likely it is what it is.
But damnit I know you saw it.
That much I noticed.


Missing it all

We were out and were waiting
Standing out in the cold night
Wasting time in the bleak past
Understating our regrets
Toiling at the punch-clock
Whining over our long dues
Missing out on the meaning
Missing out on the

Meaning of it all.

Deepening all our pockets
Making use of the system
Turning things around for us
Mixing up our desires
Wasting time at the fork-roads
Oiling our distractions
Missing out on the malice.
Missing out on the

Malice of it all.

Wincing at what is to come
Dreading anticipation
Passing out from the fog lights
Clearing thoughts for the darkness
Making room for the bad stuff
Sensing you don’t belong here
Missing out on the magic
Missing out on

Magic of it all.

Distancing from the others
Shutting out all the outside
Sensing its irrelevant
All the action is pointless
Burning just so you see it
Cringing and feeling nothing
Missing out on the missing
Missing out on the

Running Late

So that’s you over there
Entangled in stage lights
I’ve seen the act before
It’s always an act
But I can’t help but focus
Focus in on it:
You glow.
The lights around you
They flow around you
I’m still amazed at how I stumble
I can’t seem to pick up on these things
These little signs
You drop them but there is…
There is an expiration date.
By the time I do anyway,
Its too late.
But I’ll fake it until I make it.
You glow.