Well it’s true that you used me.
I suppose, I let it happen.
Making habit out of this cycle.
This cyclical abuse.
It became quite comfy really.
So I find myself now conscious.
Making sure I take note.
To be uncomfortable,
when in this state of comfort.
But why, do you ask “why?”?
“What do you consider fallacy?”
I consider it a fallacy:
To calcify bones.
To reinforce steel.
To drown sorrows.
To victimize.
But you couldn’t understand.
No really, you couldn’t.
Trust me.
But I appreciate the effort.


18 thoughts on “Handcrafting

  1. Please return favors to poets who were here,
    Thank you in advance…
    everyone needs encouragement…
    Happy Friday!

    I have sent this to every poet in my list.

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