I’m underneath darkening skies –
But starlight lights it on fire.
I’m left here enthralled because:
I hear voices on the radio,
for once talking
and not expectorating.
It’s the AM radio
Only here could it happen
that a crossover song
gets lost on its way.
Seeking it’s home frequency,
finding itself bleeding into mine.
Providing sweet undertone
To the overture of speak.
A soundtrack for conversation,
If you will.
We should all be so lucky
To get lost once in a while.


Catching Cold

Only the rain
Can free me from guilt
It’s more than a cleansing
More like a skin
It envelops and is felt
What’s more is it permeates
Only the rain
can move like this.

Only the rain
vacates the streets
and beckons the lightning
to stay the meek
I test my courage
when out in the rain
Only the rain
can sing like this.

Only the rain
is a skeleton key
For my own bones
Wherein I’m hidden
I love to be drenched
and feel magic is real
Only the rain
can feel like this.

Only the rain
makes me feel alive
Like everything’s possible
When I just believe
I stretch my arm-span
With head tilted high
Only the rain
Can do all this.

Oh Dear.

My dear,
I gave all to the world
Keeping none for myself
Hope, love and art.
Laughter, cynicism.
I’ve grown these scars
That disfigure me
and disgust you so
So you wouldn’t have to,
My dear.
I’ve bled my soul
So that you could keep yours
Lighting the fire in you
at the deluge of my own
My dear.
You forget I’m here,
once I’ve martyred myself.
Letting me grow dim.
At no inconvenience to you.
Then, when the skies are darkest
You expect my return.
Like a clockwork comet,
Illuminating your empty skies.
Reminding you of all that is possible
And myself of all that isn’t.
My dear,
The colours in your skies
Are scattering apart
With nowhere to look
And expectations expected,
Wherever will you glint?
For my course is correcting,
My dear.