When times are tough
Or actually, even when they’re easy
I play music
When waterfalls sing and demand the same
I play music
I realize that every love
Has the perfect song
But when I forget this
I play music
I forget a lot of things sometimes, but
I play music
To reaffirm my wavering ways
I play music
To daydream of you and better days
I play music
Raccoons cross the road
In the dead of night
Maybe they’ve heard:
I play music
When my heart is broken
And will never be the same
When I swell with sorrow
When I’m lost in pain
I play music
When I can no longer play
I play music

I once was told I was not meant for music.
I once was told music was not meant for me.
When decrees like this eat me
From marrow to bone to muscle to skin
When they make me fear that I’m not to have love
For that which I live
When all this is said to me, flatly and plain

I play music.


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