Early Morning Commute

There is a clickety clack and a clackety click to the train.
Sometimes I bring my music just so I can keep it in my pocket,
Not listening to it and instead preferring this symphony of steel.
I still put my ear-buds in though, but I am an odd duck.
I’m lucky today; Skies are clear and crisp with a bright sun.
As we mosaic between buildings he disappears and reappears.
I close my eyes to get the full effect, and enjoy the blacks and reds,
Flipping back and forth like a slide carousel on my eyelids…
But there’s this heat and retreat that swaps as well with it.
Have you ever done that before, used your eyes to feel, I mean?
It’s a completely new sensation every time I do it, dozens later even.
This is how the hydrangea must feel, synthesizing at the dawn.
Gearing up, opening itself to a brand new day of the unbeknown.


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