Toothless Grin

Little kid, at the counter
Holding mommy’s hand.
Smiles at me, I say “hello”
He says hello back.
Is holding a bag of chips
I ask him “what have you got there?”
He articulates “Sugar Chips”
I reply “Salt and Vinegar?”
To which his mom says,
“that’s what he calls them: Sugar Chips”
She smiles.
I smile.
He smiles…eying my bag of candy
I say “I got some candy”
He says “why?”
I whisper, “I like junk food too”
I remember I have a toothless grin,
But am not embarrassed by it.
Mommy says “candy’s not just for kids you know”.
We wave goodbye, smiling.
The attendant charges me my 1.34 a Litre.
He does not smile.


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