I Don’t Own Flip-Flops

Where is the signpost,
and which way does the river flow?
Nature seems to know.

Energy is moving,
shifting into new spots.
This seems to happen lots.

I’m inside this body
But crashing against rocks,
walking in wet socks.

She’s making her mind
up on which way to go.
One that is surely my woe.

I wait and wonder
when the current will say:
“Things are going your way, today”.

Meanwhile, here I am.
Just getting soaking wet.
Avoiding entanglement in nets.

This is all I know.
For now, the best I can do.
What would you, in my wet shoes?



On a clear night
Like tonight
For example
Every star
Is visible
In the night-sky
Too bad though
Damn those bright
Drowning city lights
Still it’s lovely
The sky I mean
Check it out
Tilt your head back
Look up dummy
See your issues
Seem somehow smaller
Staring at infinity
Under these stars
I love you
I really do
I see you
Differently somehow
Beauty full
Of potential
There’s so much
That I could say
I would say
Should say
I want to
But your head
Is down-tilt
No perspective
So my words
Are weightless
There’s levity
In all that
But for you
Not for me
It’s lonely
Up here
With the stars
I’m waiting
For levity
Or gravity
To bring you
Closer to me

Still waiting.

Rite of Passage

I removed all falsehoods,
pulling up to a path of peace.
I felt the air between my teeth.
I couldn’t go on lying anymore.
Not here.
Not today.

When a part of you dies,
something strange happens.
You can’t really fight it;
the rushing tide, in all it’s
sweeping and consuming glory.

I felt like I was losing so much.
Gaining nothing, just losing.
But allowing for space to be created
and feeling terrified at what may fill it.
Terrified I may fill it with love, life.

She’s been gone a long time,
but she still listens.
When I talk to her, each word has a tear.
A soulmate.
We go through so much in our lives.
We deserve nothing short of divinity for it.

I couldn’t help but promise her so much.
Today, I felt I needed to declare.
To thank. To forgive. To remember.
I’ll always carry a part of today with me.
It will define me, until the next tide arrives.

I faced my fear, and came out alive.
Shaking, but alive. Stronger for the shaking too.
Tomorrow, I won’t hide this. The people I love
will celebrate with me.
Life will come alive,
as we all share in our transcendence.

It’s been a long time coming.