Rite of Passage

I removed all falsehoods,
pulling up to a path of peace.
I felt the air between my teeth.
I couldn’t go on lying anymore.
Not here.
Not today.

When a part of you dies,
something strange happens.
You can’t really fight it;
the rushing tide, in all it’s
sweeping and consuming glory.

I felt like I was losing so much.
Gaining nothing, just losing.
But allowing for space to be created
and feeling terrified at what may fill it.
Terrified I may fill it with love, life.

She’s been gone a long time,
but she still listens.
When I talk to her, each word has a tear.
A soulmate.
We go through so much in our lives.
We deserve nothing short of divinity for it.

I couldn’t help but promise her so much.
Today, I felt I needed to declare.
To thank. To forgive. To remember.
I’ll always carry a part of today with me.
It will define me, until the next tide arrives.

I faced my fear, and came out alive.
Shaking, but alive. Stronger for the shaking too.
Tomorrow, I won’t hide this. The people I love
will celebrate with me.
Life will come alive,
as we all share in our transcendence.

It’s been a long time coming.


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