What Kindness Keeps Us From

I want so much and my heart feels like it’s on fire.
Words are phonically arranged to express these thoughts.
Things are changing, and I wonder if you are paying attention.
There are often just too many things to notice them all.
You take my breath and when it no longer draws you give me air.
But just long enough to remember I’m drowning in sublimity.
So I’ve stowed away and this ship is sailing with heavy anchor.
It will drag and unveil all these lines in this entrenched sand.
But it will still sail, make no mistake in this regard.
As lovers assume that time is not short, I tear assuming it is.
I pray I’m wrong to gods I’ve no belief in, as I’m not ready.
I’m not prepared for what is over the edge of the seas.
I’m still not sure if the earth is still round.
I’m not convinced it will be when I return a new man.


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