Time to go yell at some politicians!!

A long time friend of mine, Lisa Anne Grace Elder, has recently been having trouble. I will repost what she has posted on facebook here:

“I’m going to give this social media thing a try in hopes that someone out there can help. 82 days ago my Mom, Cyndy Vanier, was arrested in Mexico city and has been detained in a Mexican prison ever since. The Mexican government is accusing my Mom of trying to smuggle some of the Gaddafi family into Mexico. They have charged her with human trafficking, organized crime and falsifying documents. My mom is innocent and her basic human rights are being violated every day she is in there. My family are devastated and have tried reaching out to the Canadian government and the Canadian embassy in Mexico – yet no one is doing anything to help us. We are desperate to get my Mom out of there, but because of the corrupt judicial system in Mexico and the lack of response from the Canadian government, we are struggling. If you are Canadian, please call your local MP’s and ask them what they are doing to help. If you have any resources or ideas about how to get my Mom out of there then please share them with us. We are desperate and need all of the help we can get to pull through this. Thanks for reading. x “

Just stop for a moment and imagine this happening to you or any of your loved ones. You would hope everyone you knew would be doing everything they could to help you. No one deserves to be treated like this and given no chance at their freedom. If you know me, and give a damn at all, please start calling your local MP. In Coquitlam/New West/Port Moody, that’s Fin Donelly.

Let’s MAKE him help! Put some pressure on the Canadian embassy to actually do something!
You can contact him three ways:

Constituency Office
1116 Austin Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P5
Tel: (604) 664-9229
Fax: (604) 664-9231

Parliamentary Office
1130 La Promenade
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Tel: (613) 947-4455
Fax: (613) 947-4458


Please please please, help my friend. I’m not the kind to ever jump on any facebook chainmail scam, and I wouldn’t post something like this unless I knew it to be 100% true. Lisa is one of the nicest people I have met in my travels and I’m encouraging everyone I know to help.

If you’re really goddamn lazy, then just click the email and send him an email. It will take less time than it took you to read this!

Thanks everyone, and I hope we can help out Lisa and her family!

update:Apparently CBC has had wind of this story for a while now. Read if you want some more information.