How long has it been buried?
The sadness, sorrow, soreness
Indignation and resentment
Swelling around a beating heart
You spend all your time lost
All your time blaming yourself
Apologizing to your art vainly
It cannot betray you, or you it
Shackles can only be given to you
Others will give them, forcefully
Believe me, they will not waver
Seeing your wonder will inspire many
But will terrify the rest into violence
“It’s not your fault”
My god. She says it to me so acutely
I am not to blame and cannot anymore
“They did this to you”
Tears well up from inside my chest
Soaking through and crumbling its walls
Yes, yes. Yes.



Within stillness I find movement
Letting the water carry me
Gently waking around me am I cradled

It feels like bicycling downhill
Gravity does all the work
Pedaling doesn’t get us there faster

Be careful swimming with the current
It puts us in a hurry to get to the end
Leaving us weary, worn, spent

Trust the flow of all things
All we need do is accept this
Desire to control is only our anchor