When I can hear the thunder roll
Or the sky tear, crying as it crashes down
All the deafening that makes us childlike
Knowing and feeling I must be different
I can navigate all this, without pause
I need no navigatrix, or rod of divining
Cloudiness brings clarity and a rain
So I head into it smiling and begin to feel
Feeling feelings, all the feelings even
I can lean up towards the cracking atmosphere
And kiss it’s non-judging dew back
For all it drips down my forearms in intention
All of this I comprehend as others would just get wet
I appreciate all that is given and stand tall as proof
Edifying myself and empowering back the rain
Sweet, sweet rain, and all it’s noise
It’s the silence that I get lost in
What I cannot bear, that others long for
But on quiet, sunny days, I remember
I remember that nature of life is cyclical
And the rain will always return to crash on me again


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