Yak Yak Yak

Today I feel a loquacious logorrhea, that is:
A long-winded wordiness,
A vernacular verbosity of vocabulary,
Or a plentiful profusion; a prolixity of prose
Luscious language languishing my listening laconically
A flap-jawed jibber-jabber gushing with a gabbiness
I feel it magnanimous to be prattling on again
Affording no abeyance or abstinence of adjectives
Nary a nullification of noun
Showing no self-restrain, selectivity, suppression, or silence
Talkative tendencies tearing through to be taken in
We all have parables we are unable to table
Stories and allegories in all sorts of categories
Choosing chattiness today over having hearing
Today it feels like sharing is caring
Forcibly, not furtively, is fine
Preferable to apologize after
Than to ask permission prior
Damn the dam I say!
Force a flood for once to feel fervor
Vim, vigor, and vitality via verbiage


Unified Field Theory

If I were to hate you
Seething, red, green, purple
The only injustice committed
Inflicted, or otherwise
It’s upon myself
Something directed, projected
Lands on you but eats me
Self-mutilation masked
In truth we are brothers
Sharing a virtue no one else does
It should unify us
Healing us like hovering hands
After all, God is Love
But we’re divided by expectation
Ones you can’t let go from
That I’ve long since stopped holding
I want you to heal
But the choice has always been yours
So leave my love in peace
A star to call your own

Who Indeed?

All these comforting systems have made for mundane mediocrity
As curriculum relentlessly and tirelessly marches onward
Hey, 1 in 30 aint so bad is it? Rest fall behind or stay stolid.
Meanwhile, back in reality, academic certification adorns walls
While I continue to know not of actuality here in the real world
What the hell is a mortgage and how do I or should I do it?
Evading doing taxes seems easier than admitting I know not
My car isn’t gonna fix itself, nor am I going to be any use
And I’ll be damned if I ever learned how to communicate
Or, for that matter, if anyone else ever did either
As if knowing how to live day to day life just happens
And is a by product of thirteen years of edumacation
Magically, accidentally, all part of some larger plan
Or something. Whatever. Come on, who are we kidding?