Who Indeed?

All these comforting systems have made for mundane mediocrity
As curriculum relentlessly and tirelessly marches onward
Hey, 1 in 30 aint so bad is it? Rest fall behind or stay stolid.
Meanwhile, back in reality, academic certification adorns walls
While I continue to know not of actuality here in the real world
What the hell is a mortgage and how do I or should I do it?
Evading doing taxes seems easier than admitting I know not
My car isn’t gonna fix itself, nor am I going to be any use
And I’ll be damned if I ever learned how to communicate
Or, for that matter, if anyone else ever did either
As if knowing how to live day to day life just happens
And is a by product of thirteen years of edumacation
Magically, accidentally, all part of some larger plan
Or something. Whatever. Come on, who are we kidding?


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