Words for Fire

Sit there on a sleeping stairwell
Spiraled around itself
Limn anew within your mad mind
With kindling collected

If you don’t answer what you want
Under the light of harvest moon
Scripts become adopted in woe
It’s decided for you

The woe and the weeping won’t budge
Poison always reveals
Right when there’s nothing more to leech
You’ll remember your way

Sometimes we suffer in silence
But we all long to define “I”
Just in our own hour

Commit to opportunity
This moment is for you
Plant your seeds with sunlight rising
Be brave and reap yourself



I lay down on crispy grass
My head tilted back to stare
The stars are drowned by lamps
The city consuming our universe

As I gaze with my eyes and reach
You’ve retreated for a few days
You can see the starlight now
Caressing the sky you sit under

Traveling aeons to reach you
Light undulates across an epoch
Only to fail at the sky of mine
Lamp lighted beyond recognition

But your sky is a country sky
Devoid of all distractions
Romanticizing your night-blanket
Threaded with this mucro light

We are under the same starry sky
Though mine wears a starless veil
I will become like light and traverse
Transcend space and time to you