The Road to Her

It’s far too easy to become lost
Inside a stream of routine
The bedsheets of familiarity

I have but one real desire this time
To seek truth, find truth, and be it

One a day like today
But how much can change
In the blink of an ebb
So quickly it sighs

Tomorrow is taken from some of us
In moments like these we’re reminded
How granted we take things for

I won’t stroke egos or pacify judgments
I am here, now, ready, and willing

I’m not afraid
I repeat it again
I am not afraid
Though still in pain

“Snap out of it.” That’s all I can muster.
What will it take for my gratitude to show?
Looking life in the face and smiling

The road to hurt has kept me at bay
The road to her, it has found a way

I’m standing tall
Learning to laugh
Kissing my fear
Until it heals