As I Throw Pennies

I often wonder what the heck it is I’m doing
Accepting tides, shedding skins, marbles and sand
Periodic patterns of sunder in surf
Its so deceiving to stare at the sun
Narrowing vision to untangle skeins
Still I vie with myself through doubtful tools
But no one better than myself to seek with
I don’t desire to understand this universe
I marvel at all it takes and all it gives
I long for a deeper friend through me and it
Discovery is only a means to divine singularity
I cry in tears as pain returns, and it always does
I see the world truly uniquely just like you do
Deep in thought I immortalize what I create
All I am and all that bewilders my limits
As I get older I figure out what makes me happy
While this humanity keeps me further from it
Perhaps insanity will win out when it all converges
I’m still a ways from the fountain to be making wishes


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