I walk up to my mirror
It may need a spitshine
But I don’t hesitate to stare
Linger and see the truth
But I seem to not see what you all see
You are sharp like a dagger, ready to strike
Poised like a serpent and uncoiled
I don’t see too thin or too short
Too weak or too hurt
Am I at a mirror’s edge of delusion?
Could you all be right and I wrong?
I wonder if that’s why I shame you
A shame in public, judged in private
I look and see your mirror behind mine
Reflecting in an infinite splendor
It’s not that I don’t see your flaws
It’s that I don’t see them as such
In eternal reflection I see more
Divinity refracting from every corner
This is all I want to bring out in me
All I ever strive for in you all
What you see is what you get