Conscious Ignorance

There are two sides to everything
But only one truth
I want my silence to resonate
Admittedly, sadness often stays laughter
I flinch
My mouth is ripe with truth
I flinch nonetheless
People don’t really want honesty
They’d rather be right than kind
Being kind is right
Kindness has resonance
Vibrating clarity
Ringing truth
To speak it shakes our ears
Reverberates through our hollow bones
Shakes us to our core
It is natural to want to hold on
But we must be shaken now and again
Otherwise we can’t make music
I want to laugh but
What I laugh at isn’t funny
I want to smile but
I’m not smiling exactly how you like
I want to be honest but
Now I’m too serious
We’re all so damaged we lash out
Tearing down our best friends
“Be in misery with us!”
They’re all too scared to change


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