If you sailed across the oceans
Searching for a perfect storm
Would you find what you were after
Even if it brought you harm
Would there be an anchor towing
Dredging up the ocean’s floor
Would you end up still obsessing
Always needing, seeking more
There might come a time in question
Deep within your winter’s soul
Where you turn to look for shelter
Shelter from that very storm
You would find amongst the tempest
Sailing right beside your boat
Using me as navigation
A constellation all your own
You would see the ocean’s plenty
Filled with ever changing modes
Why go seeking out your damage
Ever repeating without hope
Her waters are not ours to tame
Only ours to float alone
But if you look beside your own self
I will always guide you home
We are so small with smaller issues
Just a drop on endless roil
Still a part of such an ocean
Together in our common toil
But we should all just drift, sailing
Let her take us all in tow
Float along beside each other
Trust her truth to guide us forth
What’s the benefit of struggling
From all this drama we unfold
We’ll all get to where we’re going
Docking onto golden shores