Ayurveda Day 58: Herbalism pt. 2 – The Best Treatment

This week we continue our foray into the subject of Herbology.

I am going to just be honest with you all, I find this subject extremely difficult to blog about. It is a dense and complicated subject. There are categories upon subcategories of herbs to use. There are different functions for each herb. Each category will have multiple effects depending on your dosha and the imbalance’s dosha. If that wasn’t enough, those herbs will fall into multiple categories often, having multiple uses!

The subject matter is a lot about memorization. It’s not to say it isn’t useful or interesting however. It just means that in order to truly help you, I need to know a lot about who you are. So what is the best treatment you can do? Let me put it to you this way:

You don’t go home and start mixing together chemicals and ingredients in order to make your own Aspirin. It’s a delicate science. The same is true for herbology. If I want to make sure you have the right herbs in the right delivery method for a specific disease for you, with your own unique symptoms, then I really need the full picture. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to medicine – this means we look at the whole picture.

In short – you need to consult a CAS. If you’ve come this far along with me in my blogging journey, and you see the benefits Ayurveda has to offer, then it’s time to take the next step and book an appointment. I don’t even need you to wait for me to finish my program to hoard you as my client – the most important thing is that you get the healing you deserve. A CAS is your diet and lifestyle coach. They are there for you in your emotional and mental trials. They can help you to be more mindful on your spiritual journey. It’s not always as simple as “take this herb and see me in two weeks”. We are here to help you to make your entire existence more conducive to your health and wellness, for as far as you are willing to commit.

But I understand and appreciate that people want answers and want healing now. Almost all of us suffer in some way, silently, for years without any true relief. We manage, we suck it up, or we just learn to accept the pain begrudgingly. This is why I find even though I haven’t even finished my course yet, I am getting asked for all kinds of advice from people. I am excited to mention what I do to people when it comes up naturally. And naturally, people resonate and want to tell me about their problems, or the problems of loved ones, and want my opinion on what to do. We all do this – you find out your friend is a comedian and you expect them to tell you a joke.

We have conflicting information coming at us at times. Your doctor says one thing, your naturopath says another, your physiotherapist recommends something else…what advice do you follow?
When it comes down to it, any medicine, from any avenue, is not doing the work. It is only unlocking the healing potential in you. If you can accept this one simple truth, that you are all that is standing in the way of your own healing – then the treatments that you take will have a more potent effect because your entire being is not fighting it.

When you take a treatment and your mind is divided – the potency of that treatment lessens. Part of you believes that nothing will ever fix you, or that this medicine has to work or you don’t know what else you can do, or that you are skeptical of it…all these things just add stress to the mind and body. When the mind and body is stressed, then anything you do will be reduced in effectiveness. The doshas will move in, and cause imbalance (remember, doshas means fault!).

This is why me simply listing off some herbs to take for X and Y problem won’t truly help you in the long run. They can provide some temporary relief, but in the end you will still continue to have problems because you are lacking that last piece – the mindfulness of your role in your own healing.

This is why seeing a CAS is so important. They will actually make time for you, talk to you for two hours on your first visit, and really find our what the best ways to help you are. They can support you with medicine and with encouragement as you change your habits. Herbs, diet, lifestyle, all these things are important in our healing process – but your commitment and compliance as a patient is the most important thing.

If you really are serious about your healing, no blog, no matter how in depth or well written, will be able to help you completely. My wish as a healer is to help people when they are suffering. I truly believe that Ayurveda has the tools to make me a well rounded healer. So as shameless as the plugs may seem, I truly do think everyone needs a CAS as much as they need a good mechanic, education, dentist, lawyer, etc. Consult a CAS and let me know how it goes!

With gratitude,



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