Hello darkness my old friend

Seconds can seem like minutes

Minutes like hours

Hours like days

Days like months

Months like years

Years like aeons

“Live in the moment”

Make sure of it.

But a moment? Could be seconds.

Could be eons.

Now, I know, we’ve all had them:

Dark moments that stretch into eternity

A sort of ocean of tar

Where you feel encompassed, drowning

But you feel oddly held, fixed in place by it

Almost supported

But not really.

It’s more like you lose everything

Except your sadness

So at least you have a sort of knowing

A knowing in knowing you know sadness

And it knows you, when no one else knows

It becomes your only friend

When all others have left you

The darkness is too much for them to be around

Can we blame them?

But there’s a secret

One that you and the darkness and the sadness share

In knowing that even when you were bright, illuminated

Full of love and light, overflowing

You were even a beacon! So bright.

With wings of gold, ready to soar.

The darkness has a sad whisper to you

A laughable obviousness of truth:

That the light was just as hard for them to be around

Maybe even harder to be around!

Alone in light

Alone in darkness

It seems its never okay to be completely one or the other

Just be like everyone else. Don’t dare to be bigger or smaller!

An unacceptable choice, and how dare I for being either

At any time

In any moment

Eons to years

Years to months

Months to days

Days to hours

Hours to minutes

Minutes like seconds



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