But a stage

Come, gather round!

One. And all.

The necessity of urgency meets the virtue of patience.

Front and centre we have our protagonist…!

But will he be able to solve the riddle of time in time?

Of course we know that everyone is the hero in their own story.

There is no need to say it; it goes without saying.

Yet, I said it, didn’t I?

No bother. Back to the plot:

So does he or doesn’t he?

Will he or won’t he?

Of more import: should he or shouldn’t he?

But our tragic hero knows not that it doesn’t matter.

If by east or by west, his stars are crossed!

He is lovable, innocent and foolish enough

He will endear himself to you and by the end

You will say,

“What a tale, too bad!”


Tune in week after week.

Fear not if you miss an episode,

For the cycle repeats itself

As he never really learns

You, the audience, won’t allow it.





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