Five feet of rainfall

There is a hint of romance in the rain

To feel yourself lost in locked lips

Caught in a moment never to forget

Missing her oddly on sunny days

With a mouth so dry from the heat

And nothing prepares, not really

For the hint of sarcasm that was ignored

The washing away that came with it all

Snapshots pulled from forever

The forever you promised each other

My stature proved incapable to cope

Too short to last the trial run

It was only ever an attempt by you

You wanted it badly to stay raining

We both wanted it to work in truth

To keep promises you couldn’t

I won’t blame you, trying for so long

It’s more than I expected to live

But it takes more than just wanting

More than just albums of snapshots

More than just rainfall

To reach the height of heights I couldn’t

I am already grown,  a man

And the flood reaches my chest

I don’t tower above it, I am a part of it

And I will never have power over rain

The only heights left are within

And inside,  its still raining hard.



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