5th Dimensional Vantage

Can you leave a candle lit for me?

Just one, to find my way in the dark

Just a tiny spark

Maybe you need it to be black for me

So all flames are out

Pitch grey doused

Shine your light if not too late

Keep a ray of hope

Hmm. Nope.

It’s this duet of night and day

As one grows the other fades

Especially today

The light was a great teacher, the greatest

But I’ve made mistakes

So it too breaks

Could you leave a light on for me?

Just one, as I learn to wade this grief

Until light grows deep





Things I thought are now maybe

Unsure if meant to dismay me

The other side of me is you

So long as within I stay true

I just cannot deny these single threads

Sutras of spirit, body, heart, and head

You’d heard the light in my heart has went

It still may be so, and grief is spent

Yet not entirely so

Space for something though

For now I want more

This I cannot ignore

Not anymore

Four out of four



Wandering rooms at night

Triggers potent even in light

Day or dark does not relent

No matter how hard I pretend


The roads that I am walking on

Will they lead away from you?


Finding scarves and finding socks

Cutting keys and changing locks

Freshly painted all four walls

Trapped as ever inside them all


The roads that I am walking on

Will they lead me back to you?


Anger at the the way I’m used

But also at the good times too

Memories like open doors

Sting as much as open sores


The roads that I am walking on

Will they lead astray or to you?


Far too much has gone and changed

In so many ways I’m still the same

We raised ourselves up too high

Now on the floor it seems we lied


The roads that I am walking on

Could lead me back to you?


In my heart there’s no repair

Invisible but felt like air

The wind has turned into woe

One foot forward, on I go


The roads that I am walking on

Don’t lead me back to you.


The roads that I am walking on

They lead to something new.