The Return of the King

And so I went into the deep

The past parts of me

Intricate and elaborately designed

By a masterful designer

Who’s architecture I am now a slave to

Within these depths I knew much

What to expect, what to not expect

That which I did not know

I knew I would not know

So between the arterial columns

Pushing past pulmonary parapets

Over the drawbridge of black tears

The river flowed so still

A darkness so bleak you’d forget of light

At the gates my guides met me

My shadow and ghost

To perch on my shoulders and begin

I stared down the ominous hall

Where upon his throne sits

All that I must dethrone

In fact, to demolish all that surrounds

Standing tall and firm, proclaiming

“I am here. I am ready. The king has returned”

And as the first layer of defense peeled away

In ramblings, shedding, tearing, and madness

I emerged from my own heart’s fire

But no empire will crumble in one night

No new one can be built in the same

So I stood, breathless and buoyant

The dark clouds gone from my mind

Watching the poisoned river cleanse itself

It’s a start at least

I must earn my birthright

For once the fortress has no roof

I will be able to see the stars of my soul again

This ground that I stand on now

May not be solid

I may not be solid

I may not even make it to the throne room

But as the wind as my witness

I will not relent diving

Into all the fears I must face

Until every last inch of these walls

Has settled into dust

So no one can ever rule me again.


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