Common Language

So I traipsed through as I always do

Circumnavigating my own path

Versicolour forests of verses

Like a chorus of ebbing oceans

Ebullient she devises herself

Into a harmonic ovation

I understand but I can’t for the life of me

Still I find myself crying old disguises

Though I long to optate this existence

This city hides its cosmic canopy

Again all avoid feeling minisculity

In the elements I am in mine

I hardly seem to find myself there

If I go will you go there too?

Perhaps she shouldn’t flutter your heart

This time you divide your old ways

Finding peace and a tranquil state

A word for each day



Hey lady life.

You decide I should have a fat lip

As a show of strength and caution

So why have love in my arms

Have her move beside me

Slink further away and out of vision

If I am such a good man

Why is it so empty in this home

Why does it just feel like four walls

A box to contain sorrowed souls

So many people out there

On the streets, trains, commutes

Keep your self in your box

Eyes down to your devices

That keep you safe and alone

I am the match no one ever sparked

The starry night never painted

The poem unwritten

Words unspoken

Heart broken










Bumble Be

If you want it you go for it

You don’t give up that easy

Go from flower to flower

Bumble until you find the honey

Even if you have broken wings

Masterfully disguised as functional

Be vulnerable to the bumble

It will humble you as you crumble

They’ll mock your tunnel vision

Those that don’t share your wishes

Who are they to say you’ll stumble?

What you can and can’t do

Who you can and can’t be

So be the bumblebee

A tumble and fumblebee even

Don’t cave or be disgruntled

In case you stray from one goal

See the light funnel deep

From the fathoms of your soul

Be whole, your fight aint over

What comes will be worth more

Than all they said it wouldn’t

No buzzkill is permanently right

This pain is just a temporary flight