All my life’s been a meditation

Call thought through each situation

Elation, at the end of these lessons?

Not if I nod off like head weighted

To be dread later, always later

Don’t burrow now when you can dig later

A master debater of staying changes

Credit saving where credit is due

My head enslaved me and made me too

Each altercation I took in patience

Growing, shedding, new adaptations

Kicked and spat on with each frustration

Messed up, chewed up, invalidated

I kept on keeping on like a first aid kit

Bandaging rejections from she don’t see me

Lately I feel like one’s too many

Fall back on the furrow of down facing

This lovely luck, well fuck you lady!

To learn how head holds higher and truer

Not edit you or me or any of this manure

So I can station my self front all late sayers

“You’re fortunate is all”

KEEP your envy

I’m sorry not sorry!

I earned this you crazies.

Not debited to reasons of raison d’être

If you’ve never dived beyond the adjacent

You cannot know how great pain dove

At least do this or you’re at best just basic

But once you know it, there’s no escaping

You have to keep pacing, undoing, erasing

Until all that’s left screams elevation

From the pain you worked on in your displacement


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