Saint Valentine’s Day

Sexual tension yet I’m mistaken

The consensual friendliness

Muddles the message

As I crane my neck

To decipher the gestures

I’m no braniac

In these contextual sessions

How should I have acted

As now I’m redacted

Prematurely reactive

Or passively inactive

Like a dozen geraniums

Yet twice as fragrant

This flagrant reminder

Is a days worth of anger

Resentment in my cranium

Dense dual desperations

Hasten my hesitations

I stumble with regret

In these cesspool lessons

This Disney Princess climate

Is producing more resignation

To require you’re a Prince Charming

Tall, white, rich, domineering

That’s not my genetic engineering

No matter if I’m unharming

Perfectly decent

I’m still wading in rude lazy dating

My flavour may seem of salt and bitter

But its these ghosts that linger

Not an entitled designation

This aloneness of loneliness

The single uncoupling

Your bests say to just be you

Convinced your value will be seen

But who and when

I question in impatience

This love has latent latency

So make yourself that seer

So say the internal whispers

There’s no guarantee either




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