There is no love another can bring

Capable of razing your palace of pain

Only you know its halls

Its walls and pitfalls

Love from the other cannot cure you

Suppose you find the one

Who loves their own heart purely

A divine beacon that you fall for

Well now you have fallen

You are worlds apart

How could they love you?

You who do not love yourself

You who are incapable of peace

Seeking the boundary with a wanderlust

Trying to find love as if it’s around the bend

Ten kilometres this way

Seven years that way

The boundary exists, but is narrow and fickle

It is within you, and only you

If you can slip in, and sink slowly

Its depth is a singularity

Infinite and welcoming

You will always be suffering

If you are always looking

Set your gaze inside

Deal with the duality of your heart

Forgive your imperfection

Be grateful for your aloneness

There are far worse fates

Than to learn self love while alone

Yes, you may not learn

It will be painful

There are no guarantees

Save but this:

If you do not go within

You will never know true love

There is no love another can bring

Richer than what you already contain



One thought on “Celibration

  1. This is a wonderful poem. Sounds philosophical but this is the truth.
    It is a blessing if mutually each one is able to realize the infinitude of love within oneself. What each one exhibit as love is the love that he or she discover within oneself.

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