You are an artist

You are an artist

It is your nature to create

There’s no sense denying

Nine to fiving

You will always project

Unavoidably so

Every moment a canvas

If you can handle it

If you choose to ignore this

You will create anyway

Only inside your heart

Creating walls and ramparts

Turn this inside out

Or it will go outside in

Countless traps and cages

That span your troubled ages

Repeating and retreating

same old patterns

Faking living other lives

Enough! It is time to dive

Reach inside yourself

Pull yourself out of the spiral

Suffering is not an entitlement

This is your enlightenment

Yes your internal prison

Is beautiful in its way

But these golden chains

Are hiding your pain

When you reach within

And emerge with self love

And a merging happens

You are no longer trapped in

There is no place for you

Where you can be happy

Until you admit your nature

As a beautiful creator

It is true some will resist

These are not your people

They have their own people to find

You must be with your own kind

They will understand

They will celebrate with you

So pull out your guitars, paint, drums

Hallelujah, your time has come



One thought on “You are an artist

  1. Chitta is your name as your mother calls you. We didn’t know the meaning when we called you Chitta. Surrender to the ever existing EXISTENCE is Saran. In Sanskrit, Chitta is also called ANTAKARNA. In English it is closest to the word mind. You are the luminous chitta. You found it within you. Sath-Chit-Anandha.

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