Interference Pattern

If you are the crashing wave

You will leave an imprint

Whether asked for or otherwise

People are forced to weather it

All waves break in time

So what’s the goddamn hurry


As the wave you crest

Expecting others to surf you

Pay attention to the details

If they are building castles

You are their reckoning

Perhaps their liberation

Few can tour such swells

While manufacturing the shoreline


You are the crashing wave!

At last escaped the ticking sands

I get it, you found the vast sea

Created a beautiful undulation

Your wish is for the world

For them to feel as free

They must go into their own spirals


So stay in the ocean and keep cresting

True lovers will come to you

When their path is intrinsic

Ready to journey your curls

Don’t crash so hard my friend

Along the cragged shoreline

Leaving yourself ragged

And the sand builders jagged


It is the path of some to disturb

It is your path to sing

Your salty sea spray shared

Inviting but unexpecting

Harmony without interfering

Save for the inevitable ripples

That become tidal forces

For those sand dwellers


The tide is your effect

It is more than enough

Let your wave be yours

And for those that dare

Creation without interference

Your mastery and master key


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