The Secret to

Love yourself first.

You absolutely can do what makes you happy

This is true so long as you remember:


Do not interfere with the happiness of others.

It is not your duty to help when it is unasked

This judgment only changes you, not them.


When you reach within your heart

You will find your purpose in this world

This pocket of life is full of ecstasy


This is what is meant by god, yoga, love

Not something outside yourself

It is a oneness with your true nature


No happiness exists outside of you

Remember that it is all your choice

Pain may come, but suffering is up to you


What a beautiful existence awaits you

When you explore the inner dimension

You are part of nature and not separate from it


What is god if not a creator, an artist

What is god if not one who doesn’t interfere

What are you if not this realization


Live like this, and lastly:

Your vibe will attract your tribe

Find your people and sing your heart out



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