Open Heart Surgery

Everyone feels like

They need somebody

At one point or more

That was me

Why do we all

Want someone to fix us

The love is here

Where it has always been


Don’t be with the one who tells you

Each of you is the half they need

You’re not the strength that they require

No other can give you all you seek


Maybe you’ve thought

I am not worthy

Sometimes I’ve felt

Validation was key

Rejection was worse

Making it harder

To find any joy

In my own company


Don’t ever feed into the compulsion

That together you will both be complete

You have got all you need inside you

You are everything you need


It’s pretty easy

To feel alone

Easier still

To want some relief

The easiest

Is the run from yourself

You cannot escape

That you’re worthy


Don’t believe all the people you envy

It’s never as perfect as it seems

It only works if our self worth

Is at the height of humble esteems




On rainy days

The storm outside rages

Wind bending the stoic trees


On rainy days

Your busy world succumbs

Everything slowing to a crawl


On rainy days

The storm inside quiets

Nature reminds our minds to whist


On rainy days

She washes the streets

No people with their thoughts


On rainy days

We are excused

To sip a tea guiltlessly





Life Process

You are a diamond focused

through one facet at a time

The chosen lens distorts you

It is unavoidable


Your experience is unique

The lens you use is up to you

You can view your reality

in any way you desire


Your emotions are tricky

Fickle and enslaving

Master these emotions

See the difference


Put your love first

Your world will be full

Practice gratitude

Life will be precious

Accept without attachment

Liberation will flow


Life is a gift given

one moment at a time

Without focus

Without consciousness

You will react to all of it


Anger will create a hurtful world

Sadness one not worth living

Complaints for your job

Annoyance at traffic


All emotions come from within

What you feel, chosen or not

It will spiral into you

Knot inside your being

To sabotage you later


Emotional arrows

Piercing their target

They also pierce backwards

Right to the archer


So practice peace

Feel peace

Like a seed it will grow

And become your reality


Life is a process

An ever stacking

unfolding fractal

unstoppable force

You have been given this


If you don’t choose your reality

It will be chosen for you

You will miss out on the moment

The eternal beauty that resides

In a single drop of your life