You are the planet

Not a part of it

You are it.

This planet created you

You are an expression of it


You believe that you are separate

That you’re different from nature

An exception to it, somehow

None of it’s rules apply to you

You are nature! What else!


Maybe you’ve forgotten

That single unavoidable truth

You are mortal

You aren’t here forever

Time is life. Who’s? Yours.


Everyday you act immortal

So you delude yourself

You think you have time

Time for anger, judgment

Reacting compulsively


The truth of existence is no puzzle

You might think life is long

But it is so so brief

Your time is a fraction of fraction

Of a sliver of a speck in this cosmos


If you knew this, lived it

Every moment of your life

You would not waste it

Gratitude, love, compassion

Such things would become simple


Human decency dawns

When you realize mortality

The precious fragility of you

Of all of us, friend or foe

No life should miss out


The planet too will die

Birth, death, birth death

This is one process, not two

This process is called life

Life is what you are


You are not your opinions

Your delusions and masks

Your justifications a plenty

Even now you are forgetting

All life is mortal. Especially yours.


Our galaxy is but one of billions

Our solar system a tinier slice

Our planet even less so

Then there’s you.

All of it has it’s time to go.


Don’t waste any more time

The point of life is just to be

Happiness is intrinsic to you

Your choice. Not circumstantial.

Life will take care of itself.



And now

I am not where I have been

I am not where I am going

I am here, I am now

I am not my tendencies

I am not my fantasies

I am here, I am now


I am not past impressions

I am not imagination

I am here, I am now


I am not my memory

Nor am I projection

I am here, I am now


I am not my compulsions

I am not up to fate

I am here, I am now


I am not regretful

I am not ungrateful

I am here, I am now


I am not what I know

I am not what I could know

I am here, I am now


I am not an undoing

Nor am I the doing itself

I am here, I am now


I am not the effect

I am not the cause

I am here, I am now


I am not a misremembrance

I am no fearful guesswork

I am here, I am now


I am not my birth to now

Nor am I now to death

I am only here. I am only  now.




Open Heart Surgery

Everyone feels like

They need somebody

At one point or more

That was me

Why do we all

Want someone to fix us

The love is here

Where it has always been


Don’t be with the one who tells you

Each of you is the half they need

You’re not the strength that they require

No other can give you all you seek


Maybe you’ve thought

I am not worthy

Sometimes I’ve felt

Validation was key

Rejection was worse

Making it harder

To find any joy

In my own company


Don’t ever feed into the compulsion

That together you will both be complete

You have got all you need inside you

You are everything you need


It’s pretty easy

To feel alone

Easier still

To want some relief

The easiest

Is the run from yourself

You cannot escape

That you’re worthy


Don’t believe all the people you envy

It’s never as perfect as it seems

It only works if our self worth

Is at the height of humble esteems