Seasoned Greetings

There will be no mistletoe

No Charlie Brown

Or twig sized Christmas Trees

To hang stringed popcorn from

Since I’ve lost my appetite

And am quite strung myself

Those mandarins say seedless

They are dry and seeded

To ask not “What did you get?”

What of “What did you give?”

These miserable malls are packed

I’ve no audience for crafts

So long to traditions once attempted

Farewell to scrapbooks

And gifts worth giving

To start something worth continuing

I tried, it did not linger

Still ghosted though

No ribbons and bows

But at least it snowed


Words are unnecessary

Spoken like a true defeatist

I washed my hands

Of the imprints of yours


You could have chosen kindness

Instead of being right

Being kind is right

A right not afforded from you


A year ago stretched quite slow

Yet so fast I feel the same

That nothing is changed

Except ever shifting blame


Like a thinker’s labyrinth

Convinced I ‘d become better

Revealing only hidden expectation

The seeking of rejection and validation


So the agitation continues

The immaturity in my head

Victimizing the past led events

Complicating things, ever complicating


Considerations are happening

Am I the wagon or the horse?

A terrible master

The indentured servant


But the hour grows still

Distractions are failing

One foot leads the other

Even if in flailing


5th Dimensional Vantage

Can you leave a candle lit for me?

Just one, to find my way in the dark

Just a tiny spark

Maybe you need it to be black for me

So all flames are out

Pitch grey doused

Shine your light if not too late

Keep a ray of hope

Hmm. Nope.

It’s this duet of night and day

As one grows the other fades

Especially today

The light was a great teacher, the greatest

But I’ve made mistakes

So it too breaks

Could you leave a light on for me?

Just one, as I learn to wade this grief

Until light grows deep



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