Open Heart Surgery

Everyone feels like

They need somebody

At one point or more

That was me

Why do we all

Want someone to fix us

The love is here

Where it has always been


Don’t be with the one who tells you

Each of you is the half they need

You’re not the strength that they require

No other can give you all you seek


Maybe you’ve thought

I am not worthy

Sometimes I’ve felt

Validation was key

Rejection was worse

Making it harder

To find any joy

In my own company


Don’t ever feed into the compulsion

That together you will both be complete

You have got all you need inside you

You are everything you need


It’s pretty easy

To feel alone

Easier still

To want some relief

The easiest

Is the run from yourself

You cannot escape

That you’re worthy


Don’t believe all the people you envy

It’s never as perfect as it seems

It only works if our self worth

Is at the height of humble esteems



2 thoughts on “Open Heart Surgery

  1. One hundred percent correct. You or me or every one is “Poornam” meaning we all are wholesome. Imight feel that I lost a part of me to some one, but infinity minus a big fraction is still infinity. You are infinite. You have infinite power. You’ll never loose a part of you. A candle can be lit by another candle. But both of the candles are equally bright. Love and wisdom grow to infinity when given away.
    You are a continuum and it is impossible to even put a pin hole or puncture because the moment it happens, the density of infinitude covers the hole or puncture. There is no unfilled space nor you can puncture and create space.

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